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What does an AMC consultant do?

As an AMC consultant, you’ll work closely with both existing and potential customers. At AMC Cooking Shows, you’ll demonstrate your culinary skills and create delicious and healthy dishes to wow your audience using our AMC Premium Cooking System. As an ambassador for healthy enjoyment thanks to temperature- and time-controlled cooking, you’ll stand for a healthy and smart lifestyle.


In your day to day business, you’ll meet people from all walks of life. You’ll soon realize that each new contact offers the opportunity to acquire customers. You can be sure that your efforts as an AMC consultant will be rewarded.


Your day to day business includes:



In your day to day business you regularly schedule appointments with existing and potential customers and organize AMC Cooking Shows.


You host AMC Cooking Shows for customers, virtually via video chat or in person at their homes, cooking delicious AMC-style dishes.


You suggest AMC products to your customers that perfectly fit their needs and lifestyle.


As an AMC consultant, you remain the contact person for your customers and help answer questions about cooking with AMC products.