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The AMC Premium Cooking System uses unique technologies to guarantee ideal temperature and time control for gentle, time-saving cooking – and above all, healthy and delicious food. Our products are among those of the highest quality on the market and open up completely new possibilities for both daily meals and special gourmet menus alike.

How the AMC Cooking System works

The AMC Premium Cooking System is based on a closed air circulation system that operates between the base of the pot, the cold wall zone, and the lid. The heat at the bottom drives steam to the top of the pot. Reaching the lid and walls, the steam cools and drips down to be heated again.


Up to 50% more vitamins and minerals are therefore retained in the food as compared to conventional cooking in water, and its natural taste is enhanced.


This is how, for example, carrots cooked using the AMC method contain four times more magnesium than in a conventional preparation; zucchinis contain four times more potassium and almost 50% more bioactive plant substances; (frozen) spinach contains three times more vitamin B; potatoes contain 50% more provitamin A; and fennel contains almost four times more bioactive plant substances.


Calories are also reduced by up to 50% as no fat is required for roasting numerous dishes.



The Visiotherm is a temperature display located on the lid of the pot or pan. The Visiotherm makes the temperature inside the pot or pan visible – and cooking with AMC as easy as can be. Controlling the temperature is your guarantee that the food is carefully prepared and yields a healthy and tasty result.


Together with the Visiotherm, the Audiotherm acoustic control allows you to cook with temperature and time control. With the aid of its display and acoustic signals, the Audiotherm tells you which temperature range you have selected, whether the temperature inside the pot is correct, how much cooking time remains, and when it is finished. It accompanies you throughout the entire cooking process and helps you achieve perfect results every time.


AMC pots combine timeless design with the most modern functionality and can be used in every area thanks to their wide range of applications. All of our pots have AMC temperature control. This way, you’ll be sure to always bring perfectly prepared and delicious meals to the table. We provide a 30-year warranty on our high-quality stainless steel products.


The AMC pan collection includes roasting, grill, and brunch pans with a wide range of different properties for the best results. All roasting and grill pans have AMC temperature controls for perfect roasting – and even deep-frying – results, are very energy-efficient and are suitable for any type of hob.

Quick Cooker

The Secuquick softline lid turns AMC pots into pressure cookers. It can reduce the cooking time by up to 80% and cut your energy consumption by up to 50%. Even delicious dishes that usually take a long time to cook can be ready to serve in no time.

Steam Cookers

The EasyQuick steam cooking lid turns AMC pots into steamers in no time at all. The EasyQuick makes possible fast yet very gentle steaming at below 100°C – and will get you the result you want up to 50% faster than with conventional cooking methods.

Sets for a Full Cooking Experience

Our AMC products are available in combinable sets.


A set is the perfect way to dive into the world of AMC. All of our sets consist of high-quality pots and pans of different sizes and special lids for your individual needs – no matter if you cook for fun, your family or professionally. Depending on what you need, there are additional AMC products available for each set.

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