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Experience as AMC consultant: Why I love AMC

Winnie Lau

“Cooking becomes so convenient and fast”

“I have been an AMC user for more than 27 years. I really love it because it saves time and energy in the kitchen. Cooking becomes so convenient and fast, especially with the self-controlled cooking method, no more keeping an eye on the stove. My family can always have fast, healthy and tasty home cooked-food all the time.”

Felicia Lai

“Quality products worth to share with friends”

“I’m so confident with AMC’s products. I’m happy to share the benefits with my family and friends. The job is perfect for me; through cooking parties I get to know more people.”

Peter Hii

“Unlimited income, recognition and incentives”

“I own my business and can decide how much I want to work to get closer to my dream. My hard work is rewarded. For me AMC is about unlimited income, recognition and incentives.”

Grace Loh (Manager)

“My hobby is my job”

“My hobby is cooking, and I like to meet people who have the same hobby as me. For me, the best thing about working at AMC is that I can schedule my own working hours.”