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What does an AMC consultant do?

As an AMC consultant, you’ll work closely with both existing and potential customers. At AMC Cooking Shows, you’ll demonstrate your culinary skills and create delicious and healthy dishes to wow your audience using our AMC Premium Cooking System. As an ambassador for healthy enjoyment thanks to temperature- and time-controlled cooking, you’ll stand for a healthy and smart lifestyle.


In your day to day business, you’ll meet people from all walks of life. You’ll soon realize that each new contact offers the opportunity to acquire customers. You can be sure that your efforts as an AMC consultant will be rewarded.

Your day to day business includes:


Advertising and booking live cooking experiences.

Making appointments with existing and potential customers.


Putting on live cooking experiences.

Sharing your passion for healthy, tasty food.


Speaking to customers after the event about the perfect set that’s right for them.

You’re not just selling AMC premium products – you’re selling a new lifestyle.


Looking after our customers.

Staying in touch with them and building your network.