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Your Advantages as an AMC Consultant

Discover your advantages as an AMC consultant now and apply today!

1. You work flexibly and independently

You are your own boss and call the shots on how much you want to work. As an AMC consultant, you can work full- or part-time – or start a career as a team leader.

2. You determine your income

With every sale you make, you earn money. It’s that simple. You don’t have to make any advance payments or invest anything other than your time and enthusiasm. If you work for AMC, there is no limit to how much you can earn. And: Everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of their age, gender, educational qualifications, and professional experience.

3. Your team always has your back

As an AMC consultant, you are part of a dedicated team. We will provide you with a coach who will make your start as an AMC consultant easier and familiarize you with our products. You will regularly meet with colleagues from your region and exchange information about current topics concerning AMC.

4. Your performance is rewarded

Through travel, gift certificates, and products, we regularly say “Thank you” and “Keep up the good work” to our AMC consultants. After all, your success is our success!

5. You are selling a Premium Cooking System

AMC isn’t just about pots and pans. With our Premium Cooking System, we help people cook in a more delicious, faster, and healthier manner. We offer innovative products, unique cooking methods, and recipes that are tailored to our system in our continuously growing AMC Recipe Community.

6. You are an ambassador for healthy, delicious food

Cooking becomes an experience, enjoyment becomes an awareness of life: Every day, we motivate people to eat consciously – and enjoy themselves while they’re at it. Our “Eat better. Live better” motto is also your motto; one which you live, taste, and feel at customers’ homes, at trade fairs, and at cooking shows.

7. You benefit from further training opportunities

At AMC, you can advance your career as an AMC consultant. We offer many different opportunities for you to develop your skills:

At the customer’s

To start, you will be individually trained and supported by your coach. We work in teams and help each other with the important first steps.

At in-person events

We train our employees ourselves and encourage them to continuously expand their knowledge. For this purpose, we offer training units such as:

  • Cooking workshops
  • Product launches
  • Management and cultural training sessions

With online learning / e-learning

We offer modern online training modules that you can access everywhere.

Have we convinced you? Enjoy all the advantages: Start your career as an AMC consultant now and apply today!